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What makes Qualituber unique?

Transparant system

Plant health guarantee

Guarantee for your own stock

Controlled system

Seed potatoes that are healthy and resilient

Few generations

Technology that can be used to propagate your favorite variety


About Qualituber

Qualituber is a philosophy

Growing potatoes from seed potatoes that are only a few generations removed from the parent plant improves potato processing quality. Potato viruses and bacteria are a constant threat. With Qualituber you get younger, healthier and more resilient seed potatoes.


We are committed to being open and transparent in the way we do business. You are always welcome to come and inspect your mini tubers or crop in the lab, greenhouse or field.

Quality versus cost

Quality is the most essential factor in commercial potato production. Buying top-quality seed potatoes is cost-effective because it results in better quality potatoes and less spoilage. So you get a more profitable crop.

The key steps


Buy 100% percent healthy mini tubers of your chosen variety.


Arrange for the tubers to be propagated in a disease-free environment by a top grower in the Netherlands.


Produce your own potatoes.


Supply the potatoes to the processing industry.


1. Procedure

Select and clone seed potatoes to cultivate plant tissue culture

This is the best way to ensure that your initial plant material is 100% healthy.

2. Propagation from tissue culture

Propagation of plants from tissue culture

Rapid propagation of plantlets in the laboratory.

3. In Vivo propagation

Production of mini tubers

Rapid propagation of mini tubers in the greenhouse.

4. Field generations

Subsequent cultivation of mini tubers

Qualituber arranges for a maximum of three field generations of mini tubers to be cultivated in a disease-free environment by a top grower in the Netherlands


Qualituber Gold: Mini tubers

Mini tubers are the best way to ensure that your initial plant material is 100% healthy.

Qualituber Blue: First generation produced from mini tubers

The subsequent cultivation of mini tubers requires considerable knowhow. Our top growers are extremely meticulous and specialise in the cultivation of top-quality seed potatoes.

Qualituber Green: Second field generation

Our growers cultivate the tubers in a disease-free environment so the products are guaranteed to be clean.

Qualituber Red: Third field generation

From this generation onwards you can continue to propagate the tubers yourself or cultivate potatoes and supply them to the processing industry.


Gerard Schenk

Technical Production Specialist

Jeroen Kuin

Management & Sales

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